Entry points of the spec

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section 12 of the spec is huge, it’s got probably dozens of nonterminals

The main “interface”, or “entry point”, to section 12 is AssignmentExpression.

https://tc39.es/ecma262/#prod-AssignmentExpression ?

or rather, there are two main entry points: Expression and AssignmentExpression

think of this as a “module” in the spec, if that makes sense – it’s complex inside, but the rest of the spec can almost treat it as a black box

thinking of the spec as software

the spec looks like a massive interconnected blob of formal and informal rules, which would be impossible to follow

but there is this hidden structure

parts of the spec outside of section 12 mostly do not refer to other productions.

where do expressions occur? … well, they can appear in export declarations, for example. and here: https://tc39.es/ecma262/#prod-ExportDeclaration

the last production there uses AssignmentExpression

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