Shit. I lost the recipe. Lets see if I can do this from memory…


  • flour. maybe 2 cups for 4 people
  • eggs, maybe 1 maybe 2
  • some form of milk. can use kefir too for something more tangy, or cream for getting fat.
  1. put two cups of your liquid of choice in a bowl
  2. break eggs in
  3. mix
  4. start slowly sifting flour in
  5. not too much!
  6. until its consistency is like a thickend milk. don’t use all the flour if it is already there.
  7. don’t forget a pinch of salt.
  8. Skillet – should be medium heat. fully heated. Use your favorite oil.
  9. make sure!! make sure! the pan is hot! before starting. Otherwise you won’t have the information needed to adjust.
  10. Half a cup of the dough at a time, or so. Just enough to cover the bottom.
  11. flip when ready, the edges will curl.
  12. good luck.

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