lost the recipe. Let’s see if i can do it form memory.

  • You need taro root. 1.
  • you also need eggs… 2? or 4?
  • and soba noodles.
  • and the red ginger pickles.
  • Probably you should have baking powder.
  • flour is necessary. can’t remember how much. a bit.
  • also, chinakohl. 1.
  • you also need okonomiyaki sauce.
  1. shred the chinakohl. grate the taro root (wear gloves if allergic).
  2. mix flour, eggs, salt, and taro root. it should feel like a slightly wet dough. not as liquid as blini. Throw in the grated chinakohl.
  3. fry soba with yakisoba sauce. (make the soba noodles first obviously)
  4. as it is frying, start the okonomiyaki. half a cup per side. Once it is getting opaque, flip it onto the yakisoba, and move that onto the other half.
  5. add garnishes and whatever and serve.

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